We will not say that people are the basis for business success because it is an axiom.
 We will only tell you how we work on combining our clients' projects with IT talents from around the world.
 In short - we do it effectively, quickly, technically and comprehensively.

What does this process look like?

- a very important stage for us is getting to know the project for which we are recruiting, we want to

 know as much as possible, we ask a lot of questions about the company, its goals and culture, about

 the role of the candidate and the technologies with which he will work

- we will present the first candidates after one week of recruiter's work. We review hundreds of CVs

 at this time, both from our own database and those presented by the sourcer team.

- we are in constant contact with the candidate, from the first interview until his stable integration in

 the destination country of migration (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). The whole process lasts from

 4 weeks (EU countries) to 4 months (third countries)

- specialized tests, familiarizing the client with candidates via Skype, creating a short list of candidates

- promise of a job contract for the selected candidate
- recognition process, work permit, visa
- the candidate is doing great - because his experience in recruitment from the very beginning  

 influences his motivation to work.

- We organize the rental of an apartment, organize its relocations (and maybe together with his

 family), we handle all the formalities
- we take part in all meetings of the candidate with the employer until the contract is signed
- we help in formalities at check-in, registration at the Tax office and Foreigners' Registration Office,

 choosing the health insurance fund, choosing the school or kindergarten
- Each of our candidates has a mentor for a period of 3 months who helps with problems related to

 work and integration.

In the case of brokering services, the total cost of recruiting, relocating and integrating a candidate for a client is between 15% and 30% of the annual salary and depends on the candidate's experience and skills. This amount is payable in two installments of 50%. Fachkraefteboerse provides a 6 month recruitment guarantee. If the Employer or Employee terminates the employment contract within half a year, Fachkraefteboerse performs re-recruitment for free.